About the route and challenges

We cycle on asphalted roads for 70% of this tour. The remainder is riding on dirt and gravel roads.  They are sometimes even a bit too rough for the escort car. Those uneven areas require significant stamina and muscle strength but result in a surge of satisfaction at the completion of the effort.

Those who intend to cycle the entire route must be cyclists with experience and in good shape, this is no tour for beginners. Depending on which tour you take, it is around 750 km or 450 km cycling, with hours of grueling pedaling with some slopes of 15%. Add in the additional challenges of cycling at altitude and this may be the most demanding endurance test you’ll ever face. 


The Rift Valley is the main territory of the Kenya Bike Safari. Significant temperature fluctuations occur here, primarily because of changes in altitude. Be prepared with clothes for all temperatures, layers work best, as well as for wind and rain.

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