About your flight and bicycle transport

Booking your flight ticket

Try to book a ticket with an arrival time at Nairobi Airport before 12 am. We prefer to pick up the passengers in the morning. Then you have the afternoon to acclimatize, prepare your bike for the next day and relax in the hotel.

Transporting your own bicycle

You can take your bicycle (non-electric) in a suitable package or bicycle box. Before you book an airline ticket, check the conditions of any airline you are considering. The prices vary, so look at it carefully at the small print when booking your flight ticket.

In general, the following requirements are set:

  • The weight of the bicycle less than 25 kilos.
  • The handlebar must be rotated in the longitudinal direction of the frame.
  • The pedals and other protruding parts must be removed.
  • The tire pressure must be reduced.

At various airports, special bicycle boxes are available for EUR 20 each. We save the box for you.
You often need to reserve the transport of your bike well before departure.

Click this link to see the exceptional baggage policy of KLM.

Renting a bike from us.

Preferably, arrange for this when booking, but certainly as soon as possible. Our stock is limited, and we do not have special sizes.

Special parts.

If you have an exceptional bike, consider bringing extra materials, for example, an (inner) tire. Our tour trailer has a good toolset to repair small common problems on the spot but naturally, it is impossible to stock parts for all specialist equipment.

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