About safety and health precautions

Health precautions

Don’t take unnecessary risks: ask your doctor or health service for advice 4-6 weeks before travel. Advisable vaccinations include hepatitis, yellow fever, and DTP. Precautions for protection against mosquitos/malaria should also be taken.
Click here for vaccination advice.

You need to have a good physical condition to cycle 60 – 125 km per day. Although the experienced biker has an advantage, our tours are also done by experienced runners and other athletes who like riding a bicycle as well.
Do you have any doubts or questions about this subject? Talk to us!

Nutrition supplements

We take care of your food and drinks, also during the tour. However, if you prefer specific sports drinks, energy bars or food supplements during your bike tour, we advise you to take them with you.

Your safety

The region in the west of Kenya, where our bike tour takes place, is one of the safest parts of the country. You also do not stay in the city of Nairobi. You will be picked up from the airport and taken directly to our first destination.

Consult the website of your Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the up-to-date status of safety in Kenya.
A useful overview can be found on the UK Government Website with travel advice for Kenya.

Participants in Africa Cycling tours bear risk on their own account. You are required to be insured for your trip. We highly recommend you a cancellation and travel insurance.

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