Which bike? Your choice! Our E-ATB?

Your bike?

No better bike than your own bike. Almost all airlines transport your bike. The cost is around € 150-200 return, but we pay you € 200 back with our Wheeldeal.

Your bike should be in good condition, make sure it is well maintained before your trip.

Discover Kenia from your own bike

Our bike?

Prefer one of our bikes? Our partner in Nairobi, Infinity Baisikeli Shop provides you with a good bike that is prepared for tough work on the gravel roads. This bike is included in the tour price.

Our E-ATB?

Africa Cycling was the first travel agency in Africa to have 2 E-ATBs at its disposal

Are the 15 or 9 day cycling tours a bit too much for you? Or does your partner cycle faster? Or does the E-ATB better suit your needs and physical capabilities? Then hire one of our E-ATBs and reserve it with your booking. And remember, we have two, gone is gone.

Renting an E-ATB costs 150 per week.

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