Carefree adventure cycling

For an active, unique vacation, when cookie-cutter options won't do ...

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Carefree adventure cycling

For cycling lovers with a tighter schedule

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Hotels, Safaris, Culture and Cycling

Daily challenges, memorable impressions, "chill" evenings


Spectacular cycling adventures

Welcome to the world of Africa Cycling

See, feel, hear and embrace sensational Africa

Pedal power: a unique way to travel through rural Africa. Cycling provides a novel, active, and adventurous way to experience authentic Africa.

Africa Cycling stands for cycling adventures to safari- and national parks and lakes, where we enjoy the abundant wildlife. As a group of cyclists, we prompt the curiosity of local people and are less intimidating than coaches filled with tourists. We thus enjoy unequaled access to these indigenous people, with their colorful dress and fascinating lifestyle. After a long day’s cycling, we enjoy the comforts of hotels/guesthouses along the route – some are more modest than others, but all are of good quality. We cycle a lot, hike a little and always create incomparable memories.

Africa beyond the tourist traps: unfiltered and close-by

Adventure Cycling For An Active And Memorable Vacation

Africa Cycling is devoted to adventure cycling tours of Kenya. We are currently developing additional tour programs in neighboring countries. Africa Cycling tours combine adventurous and active experiences with comfortable nights in good-quality hotels/lodges. Exploring African countries by a bike is the best way for those who enjoy outdoor sports to immerse themselves in the nature and cultures of this exceptional continent.

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