About data and privacy.

We respect your privacy. However, to be able to serve our website visitors in commonly desirable ways, we use:

  • E-commerce data input forms
  • Soon an opt-in form to a newsletter service
  • WordPress comment form for our blog articles
  • Google analytics to see where our visitors come from and learn from their preferences in viewing our site.

For our mutual benefit, this site makes use of cookies if you allow it. With every new private data input, your consent will be asked. We will never use your data for the benefit of third parties and will remove it at your first request.

You are in control.

All browsers give you the option to edit your browsing history, as well as remove cookies. When you open the settings or library tab of your browser, you can choose to remove your browsing history. Select ‘Clear browsing / Recent history data,’  and choose those you prefer to remove.

Click here for our formal policy declaration.


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