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Adventure Cycling and Wildlife tours

Nature, culture & wildlife. From € 2.500 all inclusive, excluding flight ticket.
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Kenya’s wildlife highlights. From € 2.700 all inclusive, excluding flight ticket.

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€ 3.500 all inclusive, excluding flight ticket.

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You can’t experience Africa more intensely!

You cycle through Kenya on your way to the next wildlife park. Along the way you will meet the colorful Masai people who graze their herds. You cycle through villages where children wave to you happily and if you like it, we visit a local school. You cycle past giraffes, zebras, buffalos and the many deer species.

And after cycling and during the rest days? Then you’ll enjoy the comfort of the excellent hotels and make spectacular 4×4 Safaris and boat safaris where there is a good chance of seeing “the BIG-5”.

Africa Cycling not only has tough bike tours for the real cyclist. We also offer the recreational cyclist a fantastic holiday with our tour “Wildlife Adventure, Easy Cycling” where wildlife, birdlife and the BIG-5 are central and cycling is a pleasant side effect to really discover Kenya

And if you don’t feel like it for a day, you just step into our Safari 4×4 that is always with you as a support car.

Spectacular cycling adventures

Welcome to the world of Africa Cycling

See, feel, hear and embrace sensational Africa

Who we are?

Rene and Anton, 2 brothers with the same passions, Africa, Cycling and Wildlife!
2 Brothers who do everything in their power to make your trip a dream trip!

Cycling with greater comfort ?

Electric ATB for a mere €150 per week

Are you looking forward to cycling through beautiful Kenya, but is 60 to 110KM’s a day on ATB a little too much for you?

Not a problem! Since 2021 Africa Cycling has access to two electric ATB’s. Whether it’s for the 16 Day Tour or the “Wildlife Adventure, Easy Cycling“, we’ll make sure you’ll have a laidback time with our electric ATB’s.

Be sure to book the electric ATB’s in advance. We only have two so be sure to be on time. The cost of renting the electric ATB is €150 per week per person.

Cycling with greater comfort
Rene has composed a trip with a lot of variation in landscape, accomodation so you will see Kenya in a very different way than the thousands that drive through Kenya. Thank you Rene for an unforgettable vacation and good luck with the next trip! Arnold, Netherlands (15 day Cycling and Wildlife Adventure)
My fifth safari -this time cycling- was a wonderful experience. A varied program, without a dull moment. Rene set out a magnificent round trip. We cycled it all, sometimes it was hard work, but it was fun all the time. Ed Peelen, Netherlands (15 day Cycling and Wildlife Adventure)
Rene quickly makes everyone feel at ease, whilst providing a great adventure in the real Kenya. Rene is very positive and clear in his communication, is flexible when needed and looks after the companions very well. He knows a lot about Kenya, but lets yourself experience the beautiful nature and the friendly people. Dr. Ir. Pieter Dieleman, Netherlands (15 day Cycling and Wildlife Adventure)
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