Lots of Wildlife

Do you love to cycle, but the 15 day or 9 day Cycling Tours are a little too much? Then the “Lots of Wildlife, Easy Cycling” tour may be your choice. On this trip you won’t be going from hotel to hotel, but you will be comfortably traveling in our 4×4. Along the way you’ll enjoy the colourful Kenian culture, landscape  and the little villages.

All inclusive prices Lots of Wildlife, Easy Cycling Tours

2 Weeks €3.500 per person (price is excluding flight)

3 Weeks €5.000 per person (price is excluding flight)

4 Weeks €6.500 per person (price is excluding flight)

Once you arrived at your location, you will be enjoying the beautiful national parks such as Masai Mara, Amboseli and Nakuru. You will be cycling through smaller wild parks like Soysambu and Hells Gate. We’ll also regularly take our bicycle to see the small Kenyan villages where the Masai reside. We’ll be discovering wildlife nearby your hotel, like lions, cheeta’s and leopards during safari’s from our 4×4. Once again on bike we’ll be seeing giraffe, zebras, buffalo, and all types of native deer. Sometimes even elephants! All of this from an appropriate distance, with respect for nature and culture.

A beautiful vacation that includes wildlife, culture, nature and Easy Cycling that cannot be found anywhere else.


If you’d like to take this adventure with two people or a small group, then please ask us about a specific amount of time. We’ll make a custom schedule that fits your wishes and available time. The use of mountainbikes is included in the price. We also have two E-Mountainbikes available for which we charge an additional € 150 per week per person.

We follow the covid rules applied by WHO