The experience was precisely what I had hoped for.

Africa cycling partaker 2

Rene quickly makes everyone feel at ease, whilst providing a great adventure in the real Kenya. Rene is very positive and clear in his communication, is flexible when needed and looks after the companions very well. He knows a lot about Kenya, but lets yourself experience the beautiful nature and the friendly people.

For me the trip had exactly the right mixture of sports, relaxation and time to enjoy the nature, wildlife and people. Yes it was sometime challenging to climb another dusty dirt road, trying to avoid another flat tire due to the many rocks, but we always got to the hotel before getting completely devastated and there was always a good shower and sometimes even swimming pool waiting for us. Rene clearly enjoyed the ride as well, and fortunately was equally glad to be at the hotel. It felt good to recover during dinner, it which Rene turned out to be great story teller of all his previous trips, whilst keeping interest in the others.

The experience was precisely what I had hoped for, no thoughts other than concentration on the road, the bike and on the surrounding nature slowly passing by.

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