Good Balanced Cycling Tour To Exciting Experiences.

Africa cycling partaker 1

An unforgettable adventure trip: exploring Kenya by bike.

Well organized:  René is an excellent guide who knows the route well and has an eye for the safety and well-being of the cyclists. Excellent Hotels for African standards; Not all as luxurious, but they all provide good quality in the most basic needs. Good support team: transporting luggage, providing lunch on the way and assistance in calamities (e.g., bicycle repairs)

Interesting biking route: We cycled through a huge diversity in the landscape (mountains, savannah, plantations, forests, lakes), both on paved roads and on unpaved roads (and also vehicle tracks).

Perfect tour balance: This in terms of effort/sports performance and the build-up. The first half of the tour: fewer kilometers and more rest days. The last half with longer distances and fewer rest days. At the beginning of the tour a safari in a small park with limited wildlife and in the last part of the tour to the big5 of wildlife. Diversity in safari’s: on a bike, by car, and by boat with a nice ratio between cycling days and rest/safari days. Almost every day new and special experiences, no moments of boredom.

Thnx René, for this very special adventure that I will always remember! I hope we will explore other countries in the future together!

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