Cycling in Kenya – review by Lauren Hill

Wow what an adventure! As an experienced cyclist who loves to see wildlife and nature, this trip ticked all my boxes. I wanted to be immersed into Africa, and see a variety of wildlife, in particular getting up close with Lions. I wanted to do this trip because the challenge of cycling in the African heat and on many different surfaces would be something different and exciting. And Boy was it! The cycling was challenging at many times but there was always an option to adjust that for yourself. The main challenge for me was the different surfaces of gravel, rock sometimes and sandy parts, which improved my cycling skills by the end of the trip. What you see while cycling is enough to take your mind off it though, straight away on Day 2 we were cycling alongside wildlife which was pretty breathtaking! It became common for one of our fellow cyclists at the front of the group to call out ‘Giraffe!’ of ‘Zebra!’ we were frequently joined by Africa’s wildlife, to accompany our ride. The landscape and views were incredible, one of my favourites when we reached Kerio Valley. You could just gaze out at the view for hours! Rich with culture, we experienced lots of rolling hills as we went through Kenyan tea plantations, and passed many a local on our way down to the ultimate highlight of the trip – the Masai Mara. I’ve never experienced anything like it. The cycling was a good level of tough, gravel roads, that you feel through every piece of your body, and when you arrive the biggest feeling of satisfaction takes over. The next day is the true reward, and my favourite day of the whole trip. We saw lions, elephants, hippos, hyena, rhino, giraffe, cheetah and even the hard to spot beautiful leopard. It was an experience of a lifetime, physically challenging but rich with the feeling of being fully immersed into African wildlife. The trip was planned so well, and I never felt unsafe or out of my depths. I would not have taken such a trip or planned this for myself, Rene is the best guide I could possibly ask for. So knowledgeable on Kenya, the people, the weather, the roads and routes. Aswell as being super motivating when you feel the cycling might just be reaching your limit!