Not just for die-hard athletes

Carefree Adventures

Our tour manager Rene always rides near by and you’re accompanied by a professional 4×4 vehicle. We’re there to assist if you need some rest or have technical issues with your bike. Rene and his team provide optimal support for every flat tire and scabbed knee. We bring lunch and drinks for nutrition and hydration along the way. We also carry your extra luggage, so you don’t need to ride like a pack mule.

Not for hard-core cyclists only!

Do you like to drive the support car? If you have experience with a 4×4 and want to guide your partner or friends during their tour, join us as a driver. You will have great days, drive through the beautiful Kenya landscape, meet the friendly and intriguing Kenya population. Several times a day you see the cyclist and you provide them with food and drink, you support changing a flat tire etc. And now and then you will be accompanied in the 4×4 by a cyclist who wants to take a break.
As a driver, you get a discount of € 450 on the 15-day trip and € 300 on the 9-day trip.
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