Not just for die-hard athletes

Carefree Adventures

Our tour manager Rene always rides close by and you’re accompanied by a professional 4×4 vehicle. We’re there to assist if you need some rest or have technical issues with your bike. Rene and his team provide optimal support for every flat tire and scabbed knee. We bring lunch and drinks for optimal nutrition and hydration along the way. We carry your extra luggage, so you don’t need to ride loaded down like a pack mule.

Not for hard-core cyclists only!

Cycling all day, every day is not everyone’s idea of heaven. That’s why we’ve provided “chill out” options for partners who prefer not to cycle (every day). You can experience all game reserves and excursions together, and still finally having the time for that book that you’re dying to read.

After breakfast, the cyclists leave and the ‘partner group’ goes into the support vehicle to enjoy an alternative program.  Often there are various options for sightseeing: a walk around the hotel or excursions on a nearby lake, a volcano crater, or perhaps a visit to a local hospital or school. You can meet the cycling group for lunch or go earlier to your next hotel or resort, to relax in the luxurious baths or enjoy a massage. In the afternoon, you’ll rejoin the group for drinks and the joint program: a game drive, dinner, etc.

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