Why cycle with us?

Adventure Cycling

Cyclists have it all!

Cyclists experience the true nature of their environment: they see more, feel more, hear more. While riding on a motorbike or in a car, you are detached from the scenery around you. The noise, windscreens and the speed all blur the ultimate experience. How much local color is visible through a dirty windscreen? The sounds of animals, birds, the songs and laughter of people obscured by a motor? You’ve come too far to miss the full experience… Cyclists have it all! 

Experience our unique, fully catered cycling adventures: comfort and service combined with unparalleled safari trips.


A good physical condition is sufficient for our cycling trips. We provide support throughout our cycling tour. Blisters, failing muscles, bike repair, simple exhaustion: our guide and support team will take good care of you. Even a day off from cycling isn’t a problem. Ride along in our escort car.

Every finish at the next hotel is a great reward. A shower, a good meal and an inspiring conversation with a few drinks at the bar. First two drinks are of the house.

Unique selling points

  • On-bike guide and tour master
  • On-bike nutrition
  • Escort car carries all necessary goods
  • Escort transport for exhausted cyclists
  • First aid and spare parts available

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